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Instagram. Facebook. Pinterest. YouTube. They're the powerhouses of social media; mobile platforms where people can tweet, post, capture and share whatever's on their mind. It represents a new frontier for marketing but the prospect can be intimidating if you're not socially savvy or don't know where to start. Did you know YouTube is the second biggest search engine only to Google? If you want to grow your company and land new customers, no matter your industry, then having a smart, cost-effective social media marketing strategy is paramount but don't be fooled by the promises of other agencies. What will work for one company won't always work for another and so every strategy must be created from scratch for each client but lucky for you you've come to the right place!

How to grow a social media following

Every business has the potential to grow a large following, whether you sell products online or not. Admittedly, some brands are easier to grow than others but that's usually due to the nature of their sector. The key to growing an engaged following on Instagram and other social networks is consistency, cohesion and clarity. We've created a simple guide with tips on how you can grow your business' following so click HERE to read. It will give you a good overview of the three 'C's but only nudges the surface of what we do for our clients. If you have no time to schedule daily posts or go on content shoots then take a look at our social media management service outlined below.

Did you know?

Consumers who land on your website through Pinterest are 10 times more likely to complete a purchase than visitors who come from other social media platforms.


Launched in 2010, it's the leading social network for photo and video content. Its biggest draw is its number of celebrity users and the opportunity for brands of all sizes to instantly respond to their customers.


Now a global conglomerate, it was founded back in 2004 in a university bedroom. Its business tools and advertising options allows companies to connect with customers across the globe. One of its benefits is the ease and speed of which people can like and share the content they enjoy.


More than an interactive mood board, Pinterest began at the same time as Instagram and is a similar photo and video sharing platform. It allows its users to reblog content they love and create mood boards. Companies can grow their monthly reach quicker than any other platform with Pinterest if they’re consistent.


The home of video content and the world's second largest search engine. Owned by Google, it gives companies and individuals a free platform to showcase their skills, products or thoughts to the world. It is easy to manage, simple to upload but competition is tough.


If you want something to say succinctly or to align your company with trending topics then Twitter may be the platform for you. In recent years its popularity has waned as it has become more politicised. Not all businesses would be suited to Twitter but self-published authors, charities and bloggers are.

Tick Tock

A video sharing app launched in China it has become a millennial favourite as it allows anyone to create and upload short mobile clips of any topic and share with the world.

Use one or more of the above? Or none at all? If you want to specifically target the millennial market then you must make use of the marketing powers of social media. Some apps are suited to some sectors more than others but when you get in touch, we'll give you honest, educated advice on how to pick the correct apps for you and how to start to grow your online following.

Influencer Strategy

With experience launching successful influencer campaigns and affiliate networks, we know the best strategies to get your product in front of new audiences. The ROI for influencer marketing will vary depending on the influencers you choose, the products you have and the sector you're in. Influencer collaborations is most popular for beauty, fashion or travel companies but be warned, not every business or product will be suited to this style of marketing. Also known as digital content creators, influencers, have an active, loyal following which you can exploit.

Low set-up fees

With 50.89 million people in the United Kingdom using social media, the opportunity for companies is huge and the rewards can be significant. We charge low set-up fees for all our clients who want to advertise on social media, allowing their bulk of their budget to be spent on the actual campaign. We always give honest advice and only work with companies who we know will benefit from our social media marketing strategies. That means you won't be wasting your money on lacklustre adverts that don't get any conversions.

Salcombe Design Company's strategies are:
  • Cost-effective
  • Tailored to your company
  • Engaging and creative
  • Work across multiple platforms

Too busy for social media?

Social Media Management

Salcombe Design Company provide expert management services for your social media accounts, enabling you to grow your following, increase engagement and brand awareness for a set fee each month. The level on management service will depend on how many platforms you'd like us to use, how much content you want posting and whether you require any of our content creation services. If you'd like to know more and get an idea of what we can do for you then click below to send us an email.

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