E-Commerce Website Design

Sell your products online

Promote your products to the world with an e-commerce website created by Salcombe Design Company. Beautiful, fully-integrated and mobile-friendly, all our websites are built from scratch to meet the aesthetics, budget and needs of our clients - most importantly, in line with the nature of their products. For example, if you're a children’s clothing brand you don't want a boring monochrome website with static designs and dull photography - your website should always reflect your company's attitude. With great experience building e-commerce platforms for brands within premium fashion and lifestyle sectors, we have a discerning eye for detail, know how consumers shop online nowadays and will work hard to grow your digital presence. Whether you're an exciting start-up or an already established company, you will benefit from one of our e-commerce websites.

A comprehensive, functional and beautiful solution

We know how much stress, logistics, money and time are involved in selling online but when you purchase an e-commerce website from us all the tricky parts are done for you. That means all product onboarding, shipping configuration, payment processing and content writing are handled by us. So, you can get on with selling and promoting your products as quickly as possible.

Better news, our e-commerce websites are never built using templates which means your site will be original, tailored to your aesthetics and fully customisable. Whether you want to jump start your existing store or begin a new one, continue reading below to learn how to receive your free quote.

The perks of our e-commerce websites:
  • Secure payment processing
  • Fully integrated
  • Tailored to your exact needs

  • No templates!

  • SEO tools included

  • Mobile friendly

  • Online retail expertise

You have 3 seconds to make an impression

Companies have a handful seconds to make a good impression on potential customers but no matter how good your products may be if you don't display them on a modern, engaging and professional website you'll lose sales. Online retail is highly competitive and you must carve out your own space, build a community and tell your brand story effectively. Online shoppers are tech savvy and now make most of their purchases on their mobile so it's no longer acceptable to have an outdated website.

E-Commerce - Standard

Our standard e-commerce websites are anything but boring. They're fully-integrated, stylish and designed to give you a cost-effective platform to sell your products on. They're especially great for start-up brands who are new to selling online or brands which have smaller product ranges. These are our cheapest to build e-commerce websites and come with very affordable monthly hosting fees.

This package includes:
  • 1,000 product size catalogue
  • Standard Google Analytics set-up
  • Site favicon
  • Dedicated website manager
  • Fully integrated checkout
  • Organic SEO strategies
  • Unlimited pages
  • Social media integration
  • Quarterly Google Analytics reporting*

E-Commerce - Advanced

If you sell a lot, regularly ship internationally or want to upgrade your current site then this advanced e-commerce package is for you. It includes everything in our standard package but with additional tools and features to help grow your sales and your brand awareness. All our e-commerce advanced websites come with the option to utilise global marketplaces including Amazon and Google Shopping. These are optional and set-up is included in our build costs.

Additional features include:
  • Unlimited product catalogue
  • Advanced Google Analytics set-up
  • Ability to offer gift cards and subscriptions
  • Site favicon
  • Dedicated website manager
  • Fully integrated checkout
  • Organic SEO strategies
  • Bi-monthly Google Analytics reporting*
  • Advanced social media integration
*When you purchase our monthly management services.

The important stuff as standard...

We like to take the hassle, confusion and jargon out of website design and make the process as simple and enjoyable as possible for our clients. Not everyone is creatively minded nor are we all tech geniuses, so we like to give all our clients the most important stuff as standard.


Install confidence in your customers with personalised, professional email accounts.


All our websites are hosted on secure, UK data centres.**

SSL Certificate

Protect your website with an SSL certificate and give your customers an extra layer of security.

Domain Name

Choose between .co.uk, .com, .uk, .club. or .website. Yearly renewal fees will apply.


All the website text we provide is well-researched, high quality and is unique to your company and its products or services.


Showcase the praise from your happy customers with integrated widgets from Trip Advisor, Yell and more.

Social Media

All our websites have social media integration as standard which means you can grow your following alongside your business.


You don’t have to have the vocabulary gymnastics of Charles Dickins to write a great blog.*

24/7 Support

When problems arise we’re on hand to troubleshoot and fix them as quickly as possible.

*If you do lack Dickens’ talent but would still like to give your customers an insight in your company, we provide cost-effective, high-quality blog writing services.
**Depending on your hosting and package prefereneces your website may be hosted on Tier III servers in the United States.

How much does an e-commerce website cost?

An e-commerce website's cost will depend on how complex you want your site to be and the work required. We never charge a flat project fee but when you request a quote, we give you a realistic build estimate, explain what your yearly hosting fees would be, transaction fees and outline any additional costs. There's a lot that goes into an e-commerce website, especially ones like ours but rest assured, when you hire us you will benefit from our expertise and specialised skills at a cost-effective price. We pride ourselves on building integrated, creative e-commerce websites which don't break the bank!

Fully-Integrated Commerce

The ability to accept different payment methods, credit and debit cards, and various currencies is the backbone to every successful e-commerce website. Regardless of the e-commerce package (standard or advanced) you choose, your customers will have secure, fast and seamless checkout experiences.

Google Analytics

You can view, monitor and analyse your website's bounce rates, session durations and your customers' locations when we set you up on Google Analytics. If number crunching isn't your thing then opt for our management service and we'll send you bitesize bi-monthly or quarterly reports to help you understand your customers and improve your marketing strategies.

Google My Business

Another handy business tool from the search engine giant, Google My Business enables you to list your company and services online, allows you to promote exclusive offers, reply to customer reviews, launch campaigns and more.

Are you lacking high-quality content?

A website is only as good as its content. The digital world is undeniably visual and there's no faster way to alienate potential customers than poorly shot product and lifestyle photography or product descriptions littered with spelling mistakes. Online retail is tough and can be costly but with our content creation services you'll get professional content to rival the biggest brands.


In the world of social media and online retail, high-quality photography is paramount. If the thought has you overwhelmed, don't panic because Salcombe Design Company are experts at arranging photoshoots for fashion and lifestyle brands.


Showcase your company's products with engaging video content. Whether you want chic tutorials to show your customers how to use your product, fun clips for Instagram's IGTV and Reels or lifestyle campaigns for your website then you should get in touch.


Words will never lose their power and well-written website copy is essential to pursuading customers to buy your products but also helps search engines to read your site quicker and thus rank higher in results. We're wordsmiths who produce highly-researched, quality copy to match your company's tone of voice.


The Fundamentals of E-Commerce Photography

If you've tried shooting your products yourself and it's not gone very well or you simply don't know where to start then have a read of our blog post where we teach you the basics of e-commerce photography and give you some valuable insights.


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