Content Creation

We can say it until we're blue in the face but a website is only as good as its content. Social media is constantly raising the bar in terms of photography and videography and with great advances in editing software and camera technologies, there's never been a better time to create content. If you're sat wondering 'how do I get great content for my brand?' Well wonder no more!

How to tell your brand story

Everyone has a reason why they started their own business, why they believe they're different and there's value to their products or services. Communicating this to potential clients is often referred to as telling your brand story but don't fret, you don't have to be 'ground breaking' to have a brand story. We all have one! Ok, some may be a bit more...extravagant than others but he best way to tell your brand story is through your content, allowing customers to connect emotionally with your values. So, if you decided to start your own sustainable flip flop brand because you're an avid surfer and one day you just got so fed up with all the rubber and plastic in the sea then tell your customers this! The more fun you have creating content, the more engaged your customers will be.

What Content Do I Need?

It's an easy question to answer once we know more about your company and your aspirations. Your content will depend on four things: whether you sell online, your budget, your products and/or services and your target customers. It's really that simple. Once we have an indication of this we can start to plan and shoot your content. The more information we can gain about your customers, the more we can tailor your content and increase its chance of conversion.


In the world of social media and online retail, high-quality photography is paramount. If the thought has you overwhelmed, don't panic because Salcombe Design Company are experts at arranging photoshoots for fashion and lifestyle brands.


Showcase your company's products with engaging video content. Whether you want chic tutorials to show your customers how to use your product, fun clips for Instagram's IGTV and Reels or lifestyle campaigns for your website then you should get in touch.


Words will never lose their power and well-written website copy is essential to pursuading customers to buy your products but also helps search engines to read your site quicker and thus rank higher in results. We're wordsmiths who produce highly-researched, quality copy to match your company's tone of voice.

How Much Do Instagram Videos Cost?

They can be free if you do it yourself but remember DIY content can be very hard to shoot unless you're a whizz with a camera, have advanced editing software or a cinematic eye. We never discourage our clients from shooting videos themselves and often give plenty of free tips on how they can entertain their followers. The cost of a professionally produced Instagram video will depend on five things:

  • your industry (e.g. fashion, beauty, property or travel)
  • the aim of the video (e.g. to promote a product)
  • the location (will it be shot at your office, in a studio or on location)
  • the complexity of editing you require (e.g. any special effects)
  • if the content will be original (shot by us) or purchased stock footage

High-quality professional video content will have the greatest impact on your audience and Salcombe Design Company strives to help our clients budget for content shoots as accurately as possible. With our network of photographers and studios across Devon and London, Salcombe Design Company will create you content which is engaging, affordable and, most importantly, original. Whether you need content for your new e-commerce website or to invigorate your social media accounts, we work with our clients transparently and always give detailed financial breakdowns so that they can prioritise their budget.

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