How To Take Your Business Online

Now it’s more important than ever to define, grow and optimise your business’ online presence. Whether you’re a lifestyle brand, a construction firm or a sole trader, taking your services and /or products online is crucial to growing your business and generating new leads during this difficult time.

To further emphasise the points I will make in this blog post I’m going to create a fictious company. Let’s call it… Brenda’s Bakery. Now, good old Brenda has been selling her delicious pasties, bread and cakes for over twenty years from her shop in her lovely seaside town – marvellous! Slight problem, the pandemic has caused her footfall to drop which means her sales are down and she’s concerned about the future of her business. Brenda has a granddaughter called Flossie. She’s a millennial and wants to harness the power of social media for her Gran. She is desperate to get more involved in the business and knows that Brenda’s Bakery needs to be online to survive. They decide they need a website because they would like to take orders for their products online, have an interactive menu and reach more customers.

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How Can I Set-Up My Business Online?

Brenda has a website but it’s old, doesn’t function properly on mobiles and is outdated in its design. It also lacks an SSL certificate and Flossie is worried it will deter customers from buying online if they can’t guarantee their personal data is secure.

They need a mobile-friendly, modern website but they don’t need to fear - a great website doesn’t have to break the bank. With everyone glued to their smartphones nowadays, having a website which is stylish but simple to navigate is crucial. Moreover, in Brenda’s Bakery’s case she needs a website with enhanced social media integration (great for cross promotion) and a fast and easy check-out experience. Having commissioned a website from Salcombe Design Company, Flossie begins to decide which products should be featured on the website and starts photographing her grandmother’s signature cakes, breads and pastries.

They decide they want a professional website with limited e-commerce functionality because Brenda only wants to sell their hero products. The aim is to increase the shop’s footfall and so we advise a click and collect service would suit them best. Salcombe Design Company begins to build them a mobile-first, e-commerce store which mouth-watering photography and a simple ordering process.

Taking your business online doesn’t begin and end with a website.

With their website under construction, Brenda and Flossie now need to focus on the other things they can do to grow their audience online and promote Brenda’s Bakery.

Utilise social media.

Flossie is savvy and knows the benefits of having Instagram and Facebook business accounts but needs guidance from Salcombe Design Company on how to target and engage new customers. We suggest several ways to improve their content, up their engagement and grow their following alongside cost-effective marketing solutions.  Content is king in this digital age and so we create Brenda’s Bakery a content schedule to help Flossie plan, execute and post her photos and videos to Instagram and Facebook.

Be consistent.

I’ve said it a million times before but the key to success online is being consistent, working hard and trying lots of different ideas until you find one which works best for you. This means posting to social platforms regularly, updating your blog posts and interacting with your customers online. The most loyal followings are built over time. Any agency who promises to get you thousands of new followers per month should not be trusted because they are most likely relying on click farms and bots.

Devise a marketing plan.

Again, great marketing doesn’t have to break the bank but once you’ve got a modern, professional and engaging website the road to getting your business found online doesn’t end there. Brenda’s Bakery needs to constantly attract new customers to survive and considering the shop’s footfall is down, Brenda has to increasingly rely on her online sales to survive. That’s where we come in, as we’ve built her new website, we’re in the best position to market it and begin creating ads which will increase her website’s traffic. With thorough statistical analysis, we can predict which form of campaigns will give Brenda’s Bakery the best return of investment.

Engage with customers.

Even in 2020 word of mouth is still one of the best ways to land new customers so having the ability to let customers to post reviews of your products and services is paramount. Once we integrate a review platform to their website, Brenda’s Bakery is flooded with glowing, five-star reviews from many happy and supportive customers. Good reviews will also help to rank your website higher in search engines too!

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How long does it take to put your business online?

In essence, it’s the complexity of your website which will denote timeframes. The more complex you wish your website to be, the longer the build time will be.

Fast-forward and Brenda’s Bakery is reaping the benefits of their new website and click and collect service. The shop’s footfall is up and her sales are growing. Flossie has embraced social media and has started to post short IGTV videos of Brenda baking.

I hope you enjoyed this quick blog piece and learnt the some of the ways of which you can take your business online and generate new leads. If you would like to know more about our website build services then click HERE and if you’d like to read more of our free guides then click HERE.

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