How To Grow Your Instagram Account

Stats say there’s over eight hundred million active users on Instagram every month. That’s a lot of competition. It’s become the go-to app for posting photo and video content, keeping up with whatever your favourite celebrity is up to and discovering new ideas and products. It’s very easy to set up an account and start posting but since their algorithm changed a few years back it’s become harder and harder to grow a following. There’s no magic pill to success on Instagram – unless you buy followers which we never recommend to our clients.

In this blog post I’m going to explain how you can up your Instagram game by focusing on what I like to call the four ‘C’s. Whether you want to be an influencer, launch a business account or improve the look of your personal grid, my four tips will help you.

1)     Consistency

This is the most underrated and overlooked part of growing a following on all social media platforms. You must, especially if you want to be an influencer or run a successful brand account, be consistent in your posting schedule. Pick your favourite day or days of the week and post on those days at set times. I know this rigidity could be intimidating but it will force you to go out and shoot content. Having a posting schedule allows you to plan and monitor any conversions from your posts to your website.

You won’t grow a large following on Instagram if you only post every four months.

To begin with I’d suggest posting one day a week and try to update your stories every two days then once you’re comfortable with generating your own content and using the app then increase your posting.

Every business and its goals are different but we give honest, tailored advice on social media marketing and provide cost-effective management services to our busines clients, so send us an email today to see how we can improve your online presence.

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2)     Clarity

You must make it clear what it is your company is about, that means no personal images that aren’t relevant to whatever you’re selling. So, hold back on your holiday snaps unless you can tie it in to your company and products. Not every post has to be of your product against a white background; that would get boring and irritating. For example, if you’re a surf company and have a dog-friendly policy then posting a few snaps of the dogs that come to visit you will keep your grid interesting but also focused on your company. You could post about a dog wearing a company t-shirt or standing on a surf board. If you’re still not sure then ask yourself these simple questions:

What’s your brand message? Ethos?

What sets you apart from your competition?

What content do you like to see on Instagram?

Once you have an answer to the above questions then you can start to figure out what the focus of your grid should be.

3)     Cohesion

This goes hand in hand with the previous point but think of cohesion in the sense of colour schemes and image composition. If your brand colours are mostly blues and neutrals then it would be smart to make your feed match. Each image on Instagram should flow into the next but still be different from the last.


Take a look at these examples I’ve found and you’ll see there’re common threads running through them all.

4)     Content

Never underestimate the power of a great photo or video. Successful influencers spend hours shooting only to post one photo but they know quality is better than quantity. Always play to your strengths when you start creating content and don’t stress yourself out if you don’t enjoy being on camera or you aren’t a fantastic photographer. Salcombe Design Company have content creation solutions to get your company high-quality photography and videography for your social media and website. If you’d like more information and for a free quote then click HERE.

What else can I do to grow a large Instagram following?

There’s many tips and tricks you can do at home if you’ve got enough patience and spare time to experiment. We recommend that increase your engagement with the followers you already have, nurturing your brand’s online community. That means replying to every comment even if it’s just a smiley emoji, be active on Instagram stories whenever you can even if it’s just to show the view from your office that morning and regularly poll your followers on the content, they want to see from you.

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